• PSVI strives to be a preferred investment partner

  • PSVI seeks investments in established businesses

  • PSVI are active strategic investors and strive to assist value creation

  • PSVI is prepared to work closely with management to facilitate strategy and growth

  • PSVI strives to ensure its interests are aligned with management

  • PSVI's strategic investment partners are successful executives and entrepreneurs

Pacific Southshore Ventures Inc.

Investment Philosophy

Key to PSVI’s investment philosophy is a desire to take a partnership approach with managements that have aligned interests and values. PSVI has a flexible investment approach aimed at ensuring it is viewed as a preferred partner. PSVI brings value beyond a simple financial transaction and prefers to work with ownership partners and management teams that view PSVI as a strategic partner and trusted advisor. We work to be a supportive and active resource to enhance the business strategy and maximize stakeholder value while leaving the day to day operations to management.

Each investment is independently structured and may accommodate the participation of a variety of seasoned individual investors with wide ranging experience as deemed appropriate. PSVI brings access to an extensive network of financial and business contacts with broad industry knowledge that can be valuable in the growth and strategic development of the business either as a partner investor or in an advisory board capacity.

PSVI uses a disciplined approach to review investments opportunities. Particular focus is given to:

  • Quality of management, employees, customers and suppliers
  • Industry fundamentals and growth potential
  • Capital structure and balance sheet
  • Competitive environment, availability of substitutes and barriers to entry
  • Sustainable competitive advantage through branding, quality, technology, proprietary production process, distribution or market channels, service, etc.
  • Cyclicality of business and corresponding sensitivities
  • Relative cost position and influence over costs
  • Ability to create value through operating efficiencies and synergies

Investment Structure

Our investment structure and time horizon for holding an investment are flexible.

Investment Situations

We are interested in a variety of investment opportunities.

Select Investment Examples

PSVI has provided finance for a variety of Businesses and Real Estate .

Monashee advised us through the process of selling our business to a large international business. We were very pleased with the outcome and have praise for expertise and guidance that was provided. We felt that Kevin always had our interests at heart.

  Eric and Joann Byres, Founders of Byres Security Inc., Nanaimo, British Columbia

I have worked with Kevin Budd on a number of M&A transactions over the past 20 years.  He is a strong and trusted professional resource.

  Ted Koffman - Partner McCarthy Tetrault, Vancouver, BC

Monashee acted in a timely, efficient & professional manner to ensure his client was the successful bidder for the assets of our business.

  John Thwaits - Former CEO, Precision Metalform Inc., Vancouver, BC

We have worked with Monashee on a number of transactions and view the firm as a trusted resource.

  Steven Lukas Partner - Harper Gray

The business was domiciled in Singapore with our operations based in Bangalore, India.  Monashee negotiated the deal and was able to navigate all aspects of the multi jurisdictional transaction to bring the acquisition to a close.

  Babu Jain - Founder, NavSemi Energy PTE, Singapore

Kevin was an engaged and supportive Board member for our business since inception through to its sale to Transcontinental Industries. Flexstar became one of the premium converters on the West Coast. During PSVI's involvement.

  Marc Bray, President & CEO - Flexstar Packaging Inc., Richmond, BC

Monashee was a completely capable and trusted advisor, as seen by all parties, in the MBO transaction that existed two major stakeholders. One of the major stakeholders declared, 'this is a terrific win-win transaction'.

  Paul Chisholm, CEO IFD Internal Fault Detection

Monashee successfully structured the transaction to acquire the Canadian assets of Compower Systems Inc. to enable ATL to expand its service capabilities.  The transaction was challenging however Kevin stayed the course and closed the deal with the Private Equity owners in a methodical and professional manner.

  Sam Wong, CFO Alpha Technologies Ltd.

Monashee Capital is a valued strategic partner in our business and key advisor. Executive Air Ambulance

  Dr. Neil McLean, CEO, Executive Air Ambulance

PSVI has been a long term and supportive investor during our firm's development. Thunderbird Films

  Tim Gamble, Founder, Thunderbird Films

PSVI has been a supportive financial and strategic partner to St. Tropica during its development.

  Sean and Tianna, Founders, St. Tropica Wellness

PSVI supported the acquisition of a complementary business in support of our growth. LED Dental

  Dr. David Gane, CEO, LED Dental

Monashee Capital are trusted advisors in our business and have been instrumental in the turnaround of our companies. Daryl-Evans

  Daryl Tisseur, Founder, Daryl-Evans Mechanical

Kevin, through Monashee, has been a key resource during the growth and development of our funds. Ryan Mortgage Income Fund; Manchester Investments

  Brent Wipp, Ryan Mortgage Income Fund and Manchester Investments

Kevin has been a supportive board member to Ryan Mortgage Income Fund and Manchester Investments and advisor to the Amur Financial Group. Assets under management exceeding $350 million: Amur Financial Group

  Kurt Wipp, CEO Amur Financial Group, Delta, British Columbia

We have used Monashee on a wide variety of projects ranging from negotiating acquisition opportunities to assessing the business plans of various operating divisions. Kevin is a trusted executive resource and advisor.

  Fred Kaiser, Founder, The Alpha Group

Monashee advised us through our successful acquisition of Outback Power Systems, NavSemi Energy PTE and Seldon Systems, from the preparation of the LOIs through leading our due diligence process and negotiating the final agreements. Monashee provided structure and discipline during the acquisitions and in the planning of the subsequent integration. Kevin is able to manage a transaction from the beginning to end. Alpha Technologies

  Drew Zogby, President, Alpha Technologies Inc., Bellingham, Washington State

Monashee has assisted our Board to improve corporate governance and their experience and knowledge has entrenched them as a key and trusted resource.

  Chris Giffin, CEO, -30- Forensic Engineering, Toronto, Ontario