Succession Planning / Advisory Board Governance

Monashee can assist you in the establishment of a succession plan and an advisory board to ensure your family's interests are protected.

Succession Planning

Succession Planning

Business owners generally focus on business growth and a sale event is often considered to be 5-10 years in the future.  There is rarely a plan in place to account for sudden illness or an accident or general succession of the business.  It is prudent to have a plan in place to protect the business, employees and heirs.  Monashee can assist in the preparation of a succession plan roadmap to ensure there is a well planned guideline.

Board Governance

Monashee has advised private business owners on the establishment and ongoing function of Advisory Boards. The Advisory Board mandate, structure, advisor diversity, and agenda topics are key components that must be addressed. Advisory boards can be an important component of governance to ensure continuity in the event a business owner and/or other key management are unable to management the business as a result of illness or otherwise.

Monashee advised us through the process of selling our business to a large international business. We were very pleased with the outcome and have praise for the expertise and guidance that was provided. We felt that Kevin always had our interests at heart.

  Eric and Joann Byres, Founders of Byres Security Inc., Nanaimo, British Columbia

We have worked with Monashee on a number of transactions and view the firm as a trusted resource.

  Steven Lukas - Partner, Harper Grey LLP

Kevin was an engaged and supportive Board member for our business since it was founded until it was sold to TC Transcontinental. 

  Marc Bray, President & CEO - Flexstar Packaging Inc., Richmond, BC

Kevin has been a supportive board member and advisor to Ryan Mortgage, Manchester Investments, and the Blue Stripe Financial. Assets under management are now greater than $1 Billion. In addition, Kevin is a trusted advisor to the parent company AMUR Financial. 

  Kurt Wipp, Chairman, AMUR Financial, Delta, British Columbia

We used Monashee on a wide variety of projects ranging from negotiating acquisition opportunities to assessing the business plans of various operating divisions. Kevin is a trusted executive resource and advisor.

  Fred Kaiser, Founder of the Alpha Group of Companies

Monashee advised us through our successful acquisition of Outback Power Systems and NavSemi Energy PTE, from the preparation of the LOIs through leading our due diligence process and negotiating the final agreements. Monashee provided structure and discipline during the acquisitions and in the planning of the subsequent integration. Kevin is able to manage a transaction from the beginning to end.

  Drew Zogby, President, Alpha Technologies Inc., Bellingham, Washington State